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I won’t be posting daily entries on the week days because every day is the same. I’ll only post Monday’s because it’s the beginning of the week. So yeah, that’s pretty much my point…


My Awesome Writing: Posts 3, 4, & 5

I forgot to post the last three pieces of writing, so here they are!!!

Post 3:

During my late breakfast Helen tells me about a girl named Scarlet Saxby that was at breakfast. Scarlet and her friends apparently came from a high-quality beauty school in LA. I smirk when she tells me this. I mean, really. A beauty school? Did they learn how to be beautiful? That’s SO lame. She describes Scarlet as snooty, self-centered, mean, and bossy. Scarlet definitely sounds like a queen bee. That’s what my mom and I call girls who are bossy, selfish, and just plain mean. I’ve had plenty of those at my other schools.


After breakfast we head out for a self-guided tour of Empire Academy. First we go to the fitness area. There’s a pool club after school that I’d like to join. The girls’ locker rooms are really nice. The showers are huge and bright and the lockers are sizable and smell like lavender. The indoor track looks awesome. There’s a club for that, also. The gym is my favorite part. I absolutely love gymnastics. Ever since I was in the beginners’ gymnastics program that my mom signed me up for when I was three, gymnastics has been my way of expressing myself. Gymnastics is where I met Katie. I might have to sign up for the whole fitness deal.

Post 4:

Next we go to the observatory, which is sensational. There’s a large amount of telescopes. I’m not a very big fan of astronomy and all that, but this is pretty cool. I look into one of the telescopes at the place where I think the Big Dipper is, and there it is! In the middle of the day! These telescopes must be really powerful and expensive. I see a girl leading three other girls, who are following her around like hungry puppies. That must be Scarlet Saxby. “Hey Helen,” I call to Helen, who is looking intently through a telescope, “Is that Scarlet?” “By all means, yes, that is the mean and self-centered Scarlet.” Helen says this as if she were announcing someone on a game show. I hope she doesn’t spot us. It would be horrible if she spotted us. As if she can read my mind, Scarlet saunters over, her sidekicks trailing after her. “And who would you two individuals be?” she sneered. Helen steps right up. “My name is Helen Twain. This is my roommate, Rosalie Adams,” she says, gesturing dramatically towards me. I try to make myself invisible. It doesn’t work. “Uh, hi,” I manage to say, smiling weakly. Scarlet’s companions giggle. I feel my face get warm. I hate it when people laugh at me. “Well, we have to finish our tour. See you later!” Helen says cheerfully. I start walking towards the stables, but Helen veers off to the auditorium so I follow her. “Why were you so friendly?” I wanted to know. “My parents always say that the best way to deal with girls like Scarlet is to be friendly and welcoming,” replies Helen. “I guess that makes sense.” I say.

Post 5:

When we get near the auditorium, there seems to be a twisting line going all the way around the building. “Omigosh!” I hit myself on the forehead. “I totally forgot about class signups! They end at two thirty. I think it’s almost two.” “Well we better get moving then!” Helen races down the hill to the auditorium. I think this is one of the things I like about Helen. She always gets straight to the point. I scramble to catch up with her. I get in line just before another student is about to take the spot behind Helen. Twenty minutes later, we are finally at the front of the line. I sign up for photography, fitness class, the swim club that I saw in the school brochure, and a bunch of other fun classes. Everyone is required to do math and English, but we get to pick all the rest, which I’m really happy about. After the class signups, which we barely get to finish doing, I’m really tired. I decide to go back to the dorm and have some down time.


Today I had a phenomenal horseback riding lesson. I rode Wilma (my  most favorite horse EVER!) and as usual she was SUPER cooperative. I got to canter around the arena for a long time. It was really fun. The place where I take lessons is Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxx. I just wanted to say that today was probably the awesomest horseback riding lesson I’ve ever had. 🙂

Daily Entries: 2/27/12

Today I had Hemp Plus cereal with honey and tea for breakfast. It was a normal school day. I had tons of homework and I (of course) finished it. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich from Jimmy John’s, a Chobani passion fruit yogurt, tomatoes, and goldfish. YUM!!!!! I had an AWESOME after school activity but I will create a separate post for that because it’s so awesome. For dinner I had two yummy homemade tacos, black beans *toot toot*,  and delicious avocado. Continue reading “Daily Entries: 2/27/12”

My Awesome Writing: Post 2

And today’s writing is:

We are all herded into the main building, which, I have to say is amazing. It smells like freshly mowed grass, which is a little awkward, considering that we’re inside. The floors are sleek and I think they’re bamboo. How much did Mom and Dad pay for me to get in? The guide reads off the roommate pairs, and I’m paired with a girl named Helen Twain. We pair up and head to our dorms. Helen seems really kind. She has jet-black hair and hazel green eyes that sparkle when she smiles. She told me that she’s from Atlanta, Georgia and she’s visited many boarding schools in New York. I asked her if she visited this one and she said no, she didn’t, so we can go on a tour tomorrow! When we get to our dorm house, there is a woman waiting for us at the door. She tells us that she is our housemother and her name is Margaret McBane, and we’re supposed to call her Ms. McBane, but she’s okay with us calling her Margaret. After we unpack, I fall into bed, so tired that I could sleep until tomorrow night.

In the morning I wake up to the smell of pancakes and sausage and the sound of girls laughing and talking. I sit up and look around. The dorm is very different compared to what it is at night. It’s divided into two sides, Helen’s, and mine.  Both of our sides have a window. I look out to find a view of a pasture dotted with horses and hay.  The furniture looks really comfy and soft. Everything is either purple or brown. There’s a light brown sectional couch and a deep purple chair. The floors are bamboo and there’s fluffy carpets scattered everywhere.  Just as I’m finishing up my braid, Helen strides in. She’s wearing a purple striped tank top with cute jean shorts and no shoes. I notice her toenails are painted light blue. “Hey Rosalie!” she says with excitement,  “You kind of missed breakfast, but there’s leftovers. I can’t wait to go on that tour! Why don’t you hurry up and get out of your pajamas. I’ll show you where the kitchen is.” I choose a floral print t-shirt and light green shorts. My flip-flops match Helen’s tank top.

Daily Entries: 2/26/12

Today I had blueberry pancakes, fruit, sausage, and tea for breakfast. Afterwards I immediately got on the laptop to add a couple new posts to my blogs, Cloud Vibes and The Tip Machine. I became an Author at the Terces Society blog. For lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a Chobani yogurt flavored passion fruit. After lunch I was back on the blog.  Continue reading “Daily Entries: 2/26/12”