My Awesome Writing: Post 1

My stomach twists painfully as I stare out the window of the plane. Why was I so nervous? It was only a new boarding school. I should be glad that I’m leaving dirty old Greenwich School behind. I tried thinking of Katie, but that only made my stomach ache even more. Why did she have to stay at Greenwich? I would make lots of new friends at Empire Academy, right? That’s what mom and dad said. Ugh. So many questions.

“Rosie, wake up.” My dad is gently shaking me. I fell asleep! It’s been hours since we left the airport in Chicago. I stand up and stretch. The airplane’s smell (feet and throw up) is making me claustrophobic and dizzy. That, on top of my nervous stomach. We slowly file off the plane. I find my luggage and sit on a bench. Mom and dad come over and give me a big hug.
“You’ll have a wonderful time. I know it.” My mom has tears in her eyes.
“Goodbye, Rosalie.” Dad is trying not to cry. I see a bus with Empire Academy painted across it. I give mom and dad one final hug and kiss, and then head over to the bus. I get inside to find many other students, boys and girls alike. I find an empty seat and pull out my journal. I write for a while and when we finally get to Empire Academy it’s almost midnight. I’m so tired. I hope we get to sleep in.


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