Daily Entries: 2/26/12

Today I had blueberry pancakes, fruit, sausage, and tea for breakfast. Afterwards I immediately got on the laptop to add a couple new posts to my blogs, Cloud Vibes and The Tip Machine. I became an Author at the Terces Society blog. For lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a Chobani yogurt flavored passion fruit. After lunch I was back on the blog. I saw that Agent SD was on Terces Society. We chatted for a while and then Agent SD had to leave. At this point, Dr. L and Unknown were online. We talked about the weather and such, but the “hot topic” was the MS. Only Terces Society people would know what the MS is.

I decided to change the theme of Cloud Vibes. After a long debate over “Mystiques” and “Regulus” I decided on “Regulus”. I also decided to delete The Tip Machine. Two blogs are just too much to manage. lol.

By this time it was well after 3:00pm so I decided to give my eyes a rest. I proceeded down to the basement where the Wii was. I decided to give Just Dance 3 a go. After 45 minutes on the Wii, I was sweating and needed a shower. Up the stairs again. 🙂 By the time I was done with my shower, dinner was ready.

For dinner I had olive pasta and bread with olive oil. That brings us to current time where I am about to start getting ready for bed.

Overall, my day was technologic. 🙂


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