DUF: 3/30/12

The first dinosaur to be discovered was Megalosaurus by William Buckland in 1824.


Hurricane Camille

Today in class, we were looking up natural disasters on the computer, and I was wondering if Hurricane Camille really existed. When I was little, my parents used to call me “Hurricane Camille” whenever my room was messy. Today I found a whole article on it. I know, I know, it’s Wikipedia, but the facts seem pretty true. (This isn’t the whole article, just little pieces) 🙂

     Hurricane Camille was the third and strongest tropical cyclone. The actual windspeed of Hurricane Camille will never be known, however, as it destroyed all of the wind recording instruments upon making landfall in the United States. Camille was the second strongest U.S. landfalling hurricane in recorded history! It was also the first modern Category 5 hurricane to ever receive a person’s name when making landfall in the United States. 

My full name is Camille, by the way.