My Awesome Writing: Post 6

As I’m walking back through the courtyard, I hear a high-pitched yelp. I walk towards the sound of it. I hear it again, closer this time. I’m running now. I round the corner of the dorm just in time to see Scarlet dash around the other corner. I quickly follow her, careful to not make any sound. When I get around the corner, Scarlet is nowhere to be seen. I see a folded piece of paper on the ground near a tree. I pick it up and unfold it. Inside there’s a message: Meet me at the pool. Come alone. SS. Scarlet Saxby! Those are her initials! I wonder whom the message is for. I’ll have to see what Scarlet is up to. I decide to stop by the dorm to check my email. I have two emails. One is from Katie. She says hi and asks how Empire Academy is going so far. She misses me and hopes that we can get together sometime during spring break. The other email is from Mom and Dad. They say hi and hope that I’m doing really well. Can I call them soon? They want to hear my voice. For some reason that brings tears to my eyes. I want to hear their voices too. After having some lunch I head out to the pool with a sneaky plan, hoping that Scarlet and whomever the message is for are still there.


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