My Awesome Writing: Posts 7 & 8

Post 7:

Once I get to the pool, I slink into the locker rooms. I briskly put on my swimsuit, and then walk out of the locker rooms. I slip into the pool and act like I’m taking a swim. Trying my hardest to look casual, I glance around the pool, searching for Scarlet and the mystery person. I spot Scarlet, but there’s nobody with her. She’s behind the pool equipment, looking like she’s searching for someone. As Scarlet’s gaze falls on me, she gestures wildly toward me. I wonder if she saw somebody behind me, then it dawns on me. The message was for me! It was all a trick. I was supposed to hear her scream, “accidentally” find the message, and come spy on her. How could I be so stupid? I hurry back to the dorm, get my pajamas on, grab my book, and hop in bed. For some reason reading always calms my thoughts. After a while Helen comes in. She’s looking really flustered; she’s dust-covered, her top is crooked, and her nail polish is chipped. I’m wondering what somebody would have to do to get that kind of look on her face. From what I know about Helen, she always has a sparkle in her eye and a smile on her face, but not now. Her expression is the exact opposite. “What happened to-“ she stops me before I can finish. “Don’t ask.”

Post 8:

“Come on Helen. I really want to know.” I pleaded. “Fine!” she gives in. “I was walking towards the dorms, and I’m pretty sure that I fell into a largish hole, maybe about 6 ½ feet deep.” She starts before continuing, ”I got really scratched up and stuff, but that’s not the worst part. I couldn’t get out. Being the petite girl that I am, I was still a good foot and a half from the top, even when I reached my arms up.” I’m amazed at this. Helen doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who would get stuck in a hole! “I tried calling for help, but of course, nobody answered. Then I started wondering what a 6-foot deep hole would be doing in the middle of the courtyard. I knew that I’d never seen this hole before, so it must be newly dug. Then I remembered the well that they were going to put in over here. It was announced during breakfast, so you didn’t hear about it. I finally got myself out by scooping out some dirt to form makeshift steps.” She finishes. “Ugh! How could I be so stupid?” “It’s okay.” I console her. “I thought the same thing today.” Helen looks at me questioningly. The intercom crackles. “Dinner time!” It’s our housemother, Margaret. We have intercoms, which is another thing I love about Empire Academy. “I’ll tell you about it after dinner.”


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