New Writing

I created new writing just for fun. Tell me what you think! Oh and, also, I haven’t finished it yet. 🙂

“I promise that I will try to clean my room more often.” My statement isn’t very cunning, but it will have to do. Mom sighs. “Okay, fine, you can get a laptop. But there is one thing: laptops are very valuable, so be careful with it.” “Yippee! Thank you so much Mom! I will be forever grateful!” I am very entertaining when I’m happy. I made a plan for when I get a laptop. It looks like this: 1. Pick what kind of laptop I want (size, brand, etc.). 2. Find out how much it costs (must be under $1200). 3. Choose a date when I must have enough money to buy the laptop. 4. Find ways to earn money. 5. Earn money. 6. Buy laptop. 7. Celebrate!!!! ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ I put the list on my desk. It’s really late. I better get to bed. After going through the tween bedtime routine (I created it exclusively for tweens ☺), I hop into my totally awesome loft bed.


Feel free to comment!

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