My New Writing

I’ve added some stuff to the story that I started yesterday:

Right as I’m falling asleep, my iPod dings. I lean over the edge of my bed to get it. It’s a text from Lydia, my BFF.

Hi! R u still awake?

Yep! Just falling asleep though.

What’s up?

I have wonderful news!

Me too! U go first.

Ok. Here it is! My mom finally

let me get a laptop!

No way! I thought she’d never

give in!

I know! Me neither!

So what’s your big news?

My mom also let me get a laptop,

except I have to earn the money. Bleh.

Exactly! My mom was all like,

you have to earn the money or

you’re not getting a laptop!

Well I hear my mom telling me telepathically

to turn off my iPod and stop texting,

so good night!


I turn my iPod off, turn over, and burrow under the covers.


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