I read Turnabout in February 2012. It was a glorious book, and every page was filled with excitement. Turnabout is by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I have read many books by her, including Double Identity, Found (The Missing #1), and The House On The Gulf. Turnabout is about two women named Melly (Amelia) and Anny Beth who are part of Project Turnabout. It’s the year 2000. This project is top-secret, and the government doesn’t even know about it, not to mention the citizens. The government just thinks that this is an ordinary nursing home. Fifty people are participating in Project Turnabout, and they are all eighty-five years of age or older. PT-1 is the medicine that the scientists, Dr. Jimson & Dr. Reed, gave to all of the patients. Soon, each patient starts “unaging” which means that instead of aging, getting older each year, they are a year younger every year on their birthday. Soon, Melly & Anny Beth are fifteen and eighteen years old, and it’s 2085, so they’re younger than their great-grandchildren. Melly and Anny Beth set off to find someone who will take care of them when they get younger and cannot walk, talk, or even feed themselves.

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