Some poetry…

Here’s some poetry that I wrote. It’s all free-verse, “outlaw” poetry, so don’t correct ANY grammar or punctuation. 😛

An Endless Sleep

In the dark of night

A blizzard rages

The stars sing

To an endless sleep

Soon a flickering flame dies out

To an endless sleep



On a clear night

The moon comes out

The sun dips low

Then disappears

A blanket of darkness

Envelopes the city

Until dawn

The darkness won’t lift

But fire is raging

And it will rage on

Until dawn


Pueblo House

In the blazing hot sun

A pueblo house stands

Upon the cracked ground

Day and night

It stands

Rain or snow

It stands

Firm and straight

It stands

For mothers and fathers

Sisters and brothers

It stands


The Music of The World

Grass sways

To the rhythm of the earth

Flowers sing

To the song

Of the universe

Rivers flow

To the orbits

Of the planets

Everything moves

To the music

Of life






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