The car I want is a blue Subaru Outback. 🙂



Well, I just realized that summer break is coming up really fast! On June 1, it’s summer break for me!!! Woo hoo! So anyways, I’m really busy with end-of-the-year stuff, so I decided that I’ll take a break from my blog ’cause I have a life outside of the internet. My next post will be on or after June 1, so be expecting some posts from me by then!

Your loyal blogger friend,

Cami 🙂

Awesome Blogs

I got this idea from Zorganoth, who has a blog called The Blog of Various Things. Go check her blog out!!!

Here are some blogs that I really like and think you should go check out!!!

The Terces Society

This blog is basically a social network for nerds! Also, it’s a perfect site for Secret Series fans.

Creative Ynnej

This blog has all random posts. Jenny recently changed her theme, and I think it’s really awesome! She blogs about books, holidays, videos, all kinds of stuff.

The Blog of Various Things

This blog was created by Zorganoth, and there’s a bunch of random stuff on there. Mostly she posts videos and I really like her interesting facts!

Purple Manatees

This blog has multiple authors, and mostly there’s posts about Poptropica and Club Penguin.

RC Gale

This blog is all about writing. Ross started following my blog, so I checked out his blog. It’s pretty cool. He reviewed some of my writing and gave me some tips.

The English Rose

This blog is fairly new, and I really love the theme. Lily posts a lot about One Direction, a popular boy band.

I think that’s it. Tell me if  forgot anyone’s…