More Writing! (Updated)

So I’ve started a new story. Here it is.


Violet has a secret. A BIG secret. She’s considering switching schools because of her secret, but then she’d lose Addison, her best friend. They both go to Misty Creek Middle School, and they’ve known each other since 1st grade, so Violet would hate to break up their friendship after all these years.

 Jen thinks middle school is a complete joke. Everyone has to have the “in” thing. This week it was clutches, last week it was messenger bags. What are clutches, anyways? Jen is in 6th grade at Misty Creek Middle School. She hasn’t made any friends yet, but Violet Rees looks like a good friend. Jen doesn’t know how to approach her, though.

 June has everything she’s ever wanted, but she feels cold and miserable inside. She has no real friends, only her senseless, coldhearted follower named Gracelen. June really wants friends, but everyone thinks that she’s too spoiled and snotty to be their friend. She is in 7th grade at Misty Creek Middle School. Gracelen is at her worst. She’s clinging to June everywhere she goes. How will she ever be able to shake off Gracelen?

Chapter 1


As I ran through the halls, looking for Addison, I heard a cry. A desperate cry for help. It sounded like… no… it couldn’t be. It was just my imagination. I shook the torturous thought off and focused on finding Addison. I had to tell her that our homeroom wasn’t in Mrs. Wagner’s classroom, that our whole schedule had changed… My thoughts drifted off into that foreign world. The world where I could be myself and have my own laws. I wouldn’t have to follow everyone else’s stupid rules… No. You must not go to that world anymore. I had to leave that foreign world long ago. While I was deep in thought, someone slammed into me. I fell to the ground, my hip throbbing.

“Hey, watch where you’re going,” I said. Before I could stand up, a hand reached out to help me up. It was a small, pale hand. The fingernails were bitten down so short that you couldn’t see the place where the fingernail stopped and the skin began. There was no way that I was going to grab that hand. Not in a million years. But despite my protesting thoughts, the hand grabbed hold of my thin, soft, spotless hand. As soon as I got to my feet, I pulled my hand away and brushed it off. I glanced up to see who this stranger was. I was startled at what I saw. The hand that reached down to help me belonged to Gregward Bartholomew, the shy new kid. Wow. Not in a million years would I have guessed that Gregward Bartholomew would ever even look at me, much less touch me.

Chapter 2


The first day of school is always the worst. Especially this year, since I hadn’t made any friends yet. All the girls were wearing halter tops. Whatever. I was just wearing my normal t-shirt and jean shorts. Who even likes halter tops? They’re like rope around your neck, and they’re just another possible choking hazard. I got several disapproving looks from the other girls. They’re so self-centered that they think everyone just has to wear what they’re wearing.  I just looked away and tried to remember whose homeroom I was in. Was it Mrs. Ross or Ms. Rose? I dug into my backpack to find the schedule. Yep, it was Ms. Rose. I looked at where her classroom was on the map and realized that I was going the wrong way. I turned around and headed towards the east wing. I wondered who was in my class. Probably nobody that I would like. Probably some halter top girls and dumb jocks.  Probably… nothing.

Huh. I wonder where that thought came from. Maybe a long-lost memory… Somewhere… As I entered Ms. Rose’s classroom, a thought occurred to me. All I had to do was find someone to hang out with, and all the disapproving looks would vanish. Just like that. Poof! Just like Cinderella.

Huh. I wonder where that thought came from. Another random thought. This whole thought thing was getting annoying. Stop it! I told my brain. Just stop thinking of random stuff! Focus on middle school. You are here, at Misty Creek Middle School, in Ms. Rose’s classroom. I realized that everyone was staring at me. I was standing in the middle of the doorway, and everyone else was seated. The middle of attention, AGAIN. I hate being the middle of attention! I quickly found an empty seat in the front of the classroom.

Ms. Rose cleared her throat. “Welcome to your first day of middle school. I am Ms. Rose, your homeroom teacher for the entire year. These are your assigned seats for the rest of the year.” No! Not for the WHOLE YEAR! I can’t sit in the front row.

Another clearing of the throat. “Anyways, here are your official schedules. She handed out laminated schedules, clearly marked Ms. Rose’s Classroom. Ugh. I already have a schedule, and it’s WAY better than this one…

Chapter 3


I was trying to hide from Gracelen, but she was following me everywhere, so I decided to live with it, because she was only in two of my classes anyways. I was wrong to leave it alone. She found my locker, and she kept asking me where I got my “frilly booties”. I kept telling her that I got them at the mall. She just wouldn’t take that as an answer. After the same question being heard about 50 times, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Gracelen, if you want to know where I got these boots, then here you go. I got them from my parents. How’s that for an answer?” Gracelen looked shocked. I don’t think she’s ever gotten anything from her parents; she always buys stuff with her own money, as far as I know. There was an awkward silence. I took this time to adjust my halter top, which was hurting my neck a little. After the awkward silence passed, Gracelen walked away. Wow. That’s a change. Usually I’m the one walking away. Fantastic! Now I wouldn’t have to deal with Gracelen for the rest of the week, and if I was lucky, maybe the rest of the month! I did a happy dance. Fortunately, nobody seemed to notice.

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      1. hmm… that is A Very Hard Decision To Make… let me think…. hmmmm… I guess the Rosalie one.. but they are both soooooo aweomse

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