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Update Info

Hey everyone! I just want to tell you all that I am sorry that I haven’t been posting the daily stuff lately, and I have been really busy. I am also ignoring my blog because I like YouTube better (at the moment). 😉 So anyways, have a nice day, week, whatever….

Random Thing That I Want To Say:

It’s turning into Autumn!!! YAAYYYY!!! *throws leaves in the air and then jumps into a pile of leaves*  I LOVE HALLOWEEN.

Ok, well anyways, I wish you all a happy September!

Meep, Cami ❤

Halloween Costume

Ok so this is what I am thinking for a Halloween costume. I want to be a goth girl. 🙂

1st Top:

2nd Top:

3rd Top:

4th Top:



1st top, 2nd top, and shoes in black. 3rd top in navy, and 4th top in olive. I was thinking that I could wear black make up, maybe a black ribbon around my neck, black earrings, and dye my hair all black. 🙂

Everything is kinda expensive, but I have the first top, the 3rd top, and the bottoms. I’ll probably find something cheaper for everything else. 🙂 Tell me what you think!


Random Thought of The Day: 8/1/12

Q: Why is it so hard to wash sand down the drain?

What happened:

I dumped sand from my beach bag into the sink, then tried to rinse it down the drain. It stuck to the sink and was being stubborn and rubbish.

A: I think the sand is just plain annoying and purposely sticks to the sink. (Really, Cami?) Actually, I think some sort of something that is on the sand makes it stick to the sink when water touches it… Which makes it hard to wash down the drain.

So yeah. That’s your RTOTD

Meep, Cami 🙂