Updated Writing 2!

I have added a bunch and edited a bunch, so I would like to share it with y’all! πŸ˜€


By C. M. Kittredge and A.R. Farrer

Chapter 1


As I yawn and open one eye, I see that my iPod screen is lit up. I have two notifications from Instagram. Nikki (@nickels200) and Roger (@roorooroger) liked my post about National Boys Hug Girls Day. It’s not actually a real “holiday”, it’s just a fun day when boys hug girls for no reason. I’m hoping that Roger gives me a hug today. That would beΒ  awesome!

I wait until my clock says 7:00am, then throw my covers back and hop out of bed. As I slowly get dressed, my cat, Agnes, creeps into my room and jumps onto my bed effortlessly. When I try to pet her, she hisses and bats a claw. I sigh.

“Good morning to you too, Agnes.” I saunter into the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I glance in the mirror, I notice that my mascara from yesterday still hasn’t washed off. Yesterday was halloween, and I dressed up as a vampire. Nikki dressed up as a pirate, and we called ourselves the Vampirate sisters.

After I brush my teeth, I run downstairs and scarf down my eggs and toast. Just as I finish my cup of orange juice, Nikki’s mom’s car pulls into our driveway.



“NIKKI!!!” my mom yells from the front door, “It’s time to GO! We’re going to be late if you don’t hurry up!” I quickly grab my mascara from my vanity and hurry downstairs.

“I’m coming, Mom! One sec!” As I grab my backpack and tear my coat from the hanger, I realize that Coco is out of her kennel.

“Come on, you. Get in your kennel!” I pick her up and carry her to her kennel in my room. She’s a carmel-colored pug that I got for my birthday in May. She’s almost 9 months old now, and I have to take care of her pretty much 24/7. My parents don’t have time to take care of her because they both work full-time as doctors at the Bronson hospital.

When I finally get in the car, Jonathan, my baby brother, is having a fit. He cannot stand to be in the car for very long. That’s part of the reason why I’ve never been on any long road trips with my family. He gets fussy and starts screaming at the top of his lungs. It gets really irritating after about 5 minutes, so Mom and I have to start singing the ABC’s and Wheels on The Bus to get him to calm down. When we get to Beth’s house to pick her up, Jonathan is fast asleep.



When we get to school, I hop out of the car after Nikki and we walk in side by side. Kate and Sophie are waiting for us right inside the entrance. They both look exhausted from last night. We went trick-or-treating for hours. At 11, we all finally went home.

“Hey girls! How did you sleep last night? You’re looking pretty tired,” Nikki sounds like she got all the sleep she needed.

“Yeah, I’m kind of tired,” Sophie yawns and blinks her eyes slowly, “How did you sleep, Kate?”

“Eh, I didn’t get to sleep until about midnight, but I’m not super tired. How about you, Beth?”

“I slept pretty well, actually.” For some reason, I sleep better if I go to bed really late.

“Anyways, did you guys see Mason and Roger trick-or-treating last night? I heard that they went in the same neighborhood as us,” Kate is practically stalking Roger and Mason. Ever since we told her and Sophie about our crushes, she has been reporting to us about their whereabouts and such. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a crush on one of them, the way that she follows them around all the time.

“If I saw them, I probably would’ve told you guys by now, so no, I didn’t see them last night. They may’ve been out there, but how would we know? It was pitch dark and they were wearing costumes,” Sophie practically takes the words out of my mouth.

“What she said,” Nikki nods toward Sophie.

“Yep,” I agree.



“Hey Mason! What’s up?” I try to make small talk with Mason while we’re waiting for Mrs. Luciano to get back from the teachers’ lounge.

“Not much, you?”

“Not much,” I decide to ask him if he was out trick-or-treating in my neighborhood. “Where did you and Roger go trick-or-treating last night?”

“We were in the Newbrook neighborhood for a while, but then we had my mom drive us over to Crandall. Where did you guys go?”

“We went in the Crandall neighborhood, too! I didn’t see you guys, though.”

“We didn’t see you and the other girls either.”

“It was pitch black,” we say in unison. I smile.

“We think alike, don’t we?” He smiles back at me.

“Yes, yes we do.”

“Class! It’s not the time to chat!” Mrs. Luciano yells at class. “This is mathematics!” The class immediately goes silent.

“That’s better,” Mrs. Luciano smiles bitterly. “Now get your textbooks out and turn to page 122.” There’s lots of rustling as we all get our textbooks out of our bags.

“We will be investigating decimals and fractions today. What’s an example of a mixed number?” A particularly bratty girl named Lucille raises her hand confidently.

“Yes, Lucille?” Mrs. Luciano says sternly.

“An example of a mixed number is 1ΒΎ,” Lucille says this as if she knows everything there is to know about mixed numbers.

As Mrs. Luciano drones on about how decimals can be converted into fractions and vice versa, I stare at Mason until I catch his eye, then I look away. I keep repeating this until the end of class.



I can hear Mr. Fredericks starting his introduction and start to run. I’m late for biology. When I walk in, everybody stares at me. Mr. Fredericks just continues talking.

“We will be doing an experiment on how what we eat effects our health. I will tell you all the details separately, because you are all going to have different projects. Here are your partners: Julia and Sam, Carl and Scarlet, Maria and Grace, Roger and Beth…” That’s all I hear. Roger is partners with me! I almost scream “YESSS!” but catch myself just in time.

As Mr. Fredericks hands out our papers with the rubric and the details of the project, I try to think of something smart to say to Roger.

“This will be interesting, don’t you think?” That’s the best that I could come up with.

“Um, yeah, really interesting,” Roger doesn’t sound very excited about it.

I pick up the rubric and scan it quickly. I have a weird feeling that something is wrong here. It says that we’re going to be eating a frog. Roger notices it, too.

“Excuse me, Mr. Fredericks, but it says here that we’re eating a frog. Is there a typo or something?”

“No, there is most certainly not a typo, Roger. You will, in fact, be eating frogs for this experiment,” Mr. Fredericks sounds so sure of himself that, for a brief second, I actually believe that we’ll be eating frogs.

“You can’t be serious, Mr. Fredericks. Why would you want us to eat frogs?” Roger has an inquiring look on his face.

“I’m obviously joking, Roger! You and Beth will be eating different types of pastries and desserts.”

“Oh, ok. Phew!” Roger imitates wiping sweat off of his brow.



My Latin teacher, Mrs. Adler, smiles warmly at the class before beginning.

“To finish up our first unit, we will be doing an in-class project on parts of speech. You will be paired up with someone of the opposite gender.” She smiles again and picks up a stack of paper. A wave of whispers overcomes the students as everyone wonders who they will be paired up with.

“I will hand each girl a sheet of paper with the other person’s name on it with the instructions.” As Mrs. Adler walks down the row passing out instruction sheets to the girls, I glance at Roger and hope that we are paired up, because he is the only person that I know in the class.

Chapter 2


Mason smiles at me from under his mop of black hair. I can’t help but smile back. Mason makes a funny face and I giggle. Mr. Henderson glances our way but since my back is facing him, he doesn’t see my face. I stick my tongue out at Mason and he stifles a laugh. I tear a piece of paper out of my German notebook and quickly scribble out a note. I fold it up into a tiny ball and throw it at Mason. It bounces off his shirt onto the ground. He goes to pick it up, but Mr. Henderson notices and quickly walks over to where Mason is sitting.

“Mason, please pick that piece of paper up and hand it to me,” I catch Mason’s eye and shake my head slowly. If Mr. Henderson reads that note and someone tells Nikki, I am dead meat. Mason looks apologetically at me before bending over and picking up the note. He hands it guiltily to Mr. Henderson. Mr. Henderson unfolds the balled up note and clears his throat loudly before reading out loud,

“Mason, I know this is gonna sound really weird, but I like you. A lot.”

Mason’s face turns bright red as everyone looks around, wondering who the note was from. I try to act like I have no idea who the note was from, but it’s hard. Soon enough, Lucille looks at me looking at Mason. She gets it. She totally gets it. I know that she will tell Nikki. Nikki and I will never have the same bond ever again.



As I walk down the hall towards the cafeteria, I hear footsteps and Lucille’s voice shouting,

“Nikki! Nikki! You’ll never believe it! Beth has a crush on Mason! She passed a note to him in class saying that she liked him and got caught! Do you believe me?!” I stop breathing. This cannot be true. Beth is my best friend, and she wouldn’t do something like that.

“You’re lying, Lucille. I can just tell by the tone of your squeaky little voice. Beth would never do something like that to me,” I know it’s not true.

“But she did, Nikki! You have to believe me! Why would I lie to you?”

“It is perfectly normal for you to lie to people, and everyone knows it.”

“I’m not lying, I swear,” she whispers into my ear.

This really freaks me out. Lucille only whispers when she is dead serious. Just then, I hear Beth screaming,

“Nikki! Don’t listen to Lucille! It’s not true!” I turn so I am facing Beth, take a deep breath, and yell,

“Beth, I cannot believe what you did! How could I have ever thought that you were my friend?!” I feel the need to punch something, someone, but I hold back. Instead I bite my lip and try not to cry as my eyes tear up.

“Nikki, I’m really sorry. It was a joke, really–,”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses, Beth!!! Just come clean and say sorry, for Pete’s sake!!!” In response, Beth glares at Lucille, then storms away, toward the girls’ bathrooms.


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