DUF: 1/31/13

When you laugh while being tickled, what you are experiencing is actually a form of panic.

When a person is tickled, the response is actually a form of panic, as the brain interprets the tickling sensation as produced by spiders or other creepy crawlies on your skin – the uncontrollable laughter is a response to panic.

Source: http://www.omg-facts.com/top/3

Ok, I don’t know if this is true, but it is very interesting!


I’m Trying…

Hey peeps! I am sorry that I haven’t been posting a lot! I just think that if there aren’t very many people to read my blog, then what’s the point? If I had lots of readers, that would inspire me to post more than I do. So if you were wondering why I don’t post a lot, then there’s your reason. If you want me to post more, please tell me why in a comment and please please please tell your friends about me!!! I would really appreciate it! 🙂


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