Blog Tips

Here are some tips for your blog:

  • Post regularly. Your readers will like it if there’s a new post every time they visit your blog.
  • Have a good theme. Don’t make it too distracting, though. You want your readers to focus on the posts, not the theme.
  • You should have a Contact Me page, in case your readers want to ask you a question or tell you something. On your Contact Me page, there should be a contact form that looks like this. You can insert a contact form by clicking the icon next to Upload/Insert below the title of your page/post.
  • An About page will help your readers learn more about you. I didn’t put anything personal like where I live or how old I am, but you can if you want to. In my About page, I put what my favorite foods are, the sports that I like, and why I created this blog.
  • You should try to organize your blog by tagging your posts, putting them in categories, and if you want, create a help page in case anybody needs help navigating anything, like certain posts. There should also be a search bar somewhere on your blog, but that depends on your theme.

I hope this helps anybody who needs tips on blogging!

Cami đŸ™‚


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