Stuff. Just Because.

Ok people. Hi. Meep. Stuff. Pirates of The Caribbean. iPod Touches. STUFFFF!!!!! Ok that was the random post/thought of the day. 🙂


Random Thought of The Day: 8/1/12

Q: Why is it so hard to wash sand down the drain?

What happened:

I dumped sand from my beach bag into the sink, then tried to rinse it down the drain. It stuck to the sink and was being stubborn and rubbish.

A: I think the sand is just plain annoying and purposely sticks to the sink. (Really, Cami?) Actually, I think some sort of something that is on the sand makes it stick to the sink when water touches it… Which makes it hard to wash down the drain.

So yeah. That’s your RTOTD

Meep, Cami 🙂

Random Thought of The Day: 8/31/12

Q: What would people in the 1930s think of my look/outfit?

This is what I looked like today:

  • A black Hollister T-shirt
  • Short Hollister jean shorts
  • Oakley sunglasses
  • Purple flip flops
  • A side ponytail
  • A wristlet/wallet

A: I think they would:

  1. Be shocked that my knees were showing. *gasp!*
  2. Be astounded that I don’t have a hat on and my eyes are covered up.
  3. Think my shirt was weird.
  4. Think I was totally insane and off my rocker. 🙂

So that’s the Random Thought of The Day! (RTOTD)